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Natural energy sources to face the day with more vigour

Rusks acai and goji

They are rich in antioxidant active ingredients, ideal for counteracting the action of free radicals, Goji berries have been accompanied by Acai berries, also of ancient origin, have always been cultivated in the forests of the Amazon. Acai, like Goji, is an extraordinary antioxidant ally, ideal for combating the processes of cellular aging.

Whole wheat multigrain slices

Mineral salts, Omega 3, essential amino acids, various vitamins including those of the B group all essential for the proper functioning of our body. This type of flour contains a high quantity of fibers, is highly digestible and has a dark color adapting to all rustic preparations and providing an adequate nutritional supply.

Rusks Ginseng and Guaranà

When you need support in times of fatigue, Nature comes to our aid with natural substances that support vitality and energy. Guarana and Ginseng are among the most widely used natural extracts to give strength and vigour. They act as energy tonics, raising the body’s productivity and helping the metabolism to work better.

Rusks Spirulina

Spirulina is an extremely useful superfood for your health. It’s packed with nutrients that have very powerful effects on the body and brain. Spirulina is an extraordinary source of antioxidants, which can protect against oxidative stress. Some evidence suggests that spirulina may have cancer-preventing properties.